HTTPS Redirect

In an effort to continue to optimize your security, we are redirecting all links in the LMS to https format. After this redirect is established, various browsers may throw errors or warnings indicating less secure content on the page (i.e: externally hosted Welcome Page content.) LMS content continues to be secure and protected. This transition is scheduled to take place Thursday, May 7, 2015 around 2 - 3 AM Eastern.

This redirect is permanent and may trigger warnings in some browsers.

The warnings may present as a pop-up, page warning, or an indicator in the URL bar depending on the browser type. Below are a few example of the warning and browser types.

Internet Explorer

Depending on the Mixed Content Setting, users might have missing insecure content or receive a pop-up warning.

Internet Explorer 11

In order to view all the page content and remove the warnings, follow the steps in the instructional video below to Enable Mixed Content:

How to Enable 'Display Mixed Content' in Internet Explorer 11



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