External Credits

External Credits allow Students to record learning activities which fall outside the scope of the main activity types that the LMS manages (path, link, file, assessment, event or post). This article walks you through the process of enabling External Credits for your organization and adding External Credits as a Student or for a Student.


Enabling "External Credits" module for Students

Step 1

From the left menu, in the "Account" section, select "Branding".



Step 2

Select a Branding Organization and click the "Edit" button.


Step 3

In the "General" section of Properties, check the "External Credits" box, then scroll down and click the "Save Changes" button.


Students in this Branding Organization will now be able to click on the "Add External Credit" button from their History page.


Adding "External Credits" for User

Step 1

From the left menu, in the "Admin" section, select "Users".



Step 2

Select the User and click the "Edit" button


Step 3

Click on the "External Credits" tab.


Step 4

Click on the "New External Credit" button at the top right of the page.


Step 5

Complete the necessary fields, and if you have a document you'd like to attach (like a certificate of completion) then click the "Choose File" button. When you are done entering all your information, click the "Create" button.

If you’re tracking external credits within the LMS then you can run an External Credits report, which generates the following information:

- user who received the credit and their code

- name of the external credit and its code

- assigned instructor, location, score and amount of credit the external credit is worth

You can also report on the date that the External Credit expires, if applicable.



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