User Types and Permissions

Four types of user permissions exist within the LMS: Account Owner, Unrestricted Administrator, Restricted Administrator, and Student.

Only one Account Owner exists per account. There is no cap on the number of Unrestricted/Restricted Administrator or Student users. However, limiting the number of Unrestricted Administrators in favor of Restricted Administrators where applicable is highly recommended because Unrestricted Administrators have the ability to make bulk changes in the system or change general system settings that can affect the entire user population.

The Account Owner and Unrestricted Administrators possess similar control of and access to all functionality within the LMS. In addition, they determine which users have Restricted Administrator access and the extent of each Restricted Administrator's permissions. Depending on the permission settings for the Restricted Administrator they may be able to create and edit Student users.

All users in the system will see the navigation at the top of the screen for Students (since all users in the system are, by definition, Students and receive Student permissions). Restricted Administrators will also see the Admin section. Unrestricted Administrators will see two additional sections: Admin and Account.

Learn more about Assigning User Types HERE

Note: The Account Owner can be changed by submitting a request to Intellum Support.


Unrestricted Administrator


All features of the LMS are available to Unrestricted Administrators with the exception of Billing, which is only visible to the Account Owner.

Some common examples of what Unrestricted Administrators are able to do are:


Restricted Administrator


Unrestricted Administrators can change a User Authority to Restricted Administrator.  The permissions Restricted Administrators possess can be adjusted on an individual user case basis. IF AUTHORIZED, Restricted Administrators can do the following:

  • Manage designated students or groups
  • Edit the information on users' profiles
  • Manually enroll students they have authority over in Activities
  • Upload and create new Activities and/or Sessions, Assessments, Files and Posts
  • Create and edit Letters
  • View, create and edit Reports
  • Restricted Administrators CANNOT create Groups
  • Restricted Administrators CANNOT perform Bulk Import of SessionsActivities, Users or Enrollments

Unrestricted Administrators can edit Restricted Administrator Permissions in the user's Properties section.

Learn more about Modifying Restricted Admin Permissions HERE




Student user will primarily be enrolling in and taking activities, and accessing session dates, times, and locations. Activities may have associated files that Students may view and download. In addition, Students may also be given access to the Comments feature; which provides a dynamic discussion between Students and instructors concerning activities or related topics.

If "Allow user profile editing" is checked in Account > Settings, Students will be able to edit their profiles.

Learn more about Profile Editing Options HERE

Note that a Student will only see the "Switch to Admin View" button if they have been designated an Unrestricted or Restricted Admin.



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