Custom Certificates of Completion

If a Custom Certificate of Completion is needed, please submit a request to the Help Desk with the following:

1) A high-quality* jpeg background image in landscape without field info (First Name, Last Name, Course Name, Score, etc.)
2) Another image with the background and sample field info populated
3) The font selection for the field info. Options are: Helvetica, Times New Roman, Courier and Arial Unicode MS.

* Certificate dimensions are 3300x2550 pixels (which translates into 11 x 8.5 inches). Jpegs are preferred. 300 pixels per inch is best for resolution.

NOTE: There are fees associated with the creation of custom certificates. These fees will be communicated by the Help Desk once the request has been made. With your request, please provide the email address where you'd like the invoice sent. Invoices will be sent after your approval of the new/updated Certificate.


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