Brand an Activity in the Catalog

You can customize a Student's experience with an Activity in the Catalog.

Go to the Activities page

  • Click Activities.

Go to the page of the Activity you wish to brand in the Catalog

  • Click on the title of the Activity.

Go to this Activity's Properties page

  • Click the Properties tab at the top of the page.


Branding Properties

  • You can upload both new activity cover art, or a new hero image in this section.


Catalog Properties

NOTE: The catalog customizations are provided for Administrators so that an Activity can be effectively marketed to an audience.

Think of this page as your best chance to catch a student’s attention, so the more aesthetically pleasing, the better!

You have several decisions to make here for branding your page:

Include the Activity in the catalog?

Check the box next to Display if you wish to include the Activity in the catalog. This will enable users with the appropriate permissions to enroll in the Activity via the catalog.

Feature the Activity in the catalog?

Check the box next to Featured if you wish for the Activity to be visible in the Featured section at the top of a user's Catalog Home page.

Require student confirmation?

Check the box next to Confirmation if you want to create a message that Students have to read and accept before enrolling in an Activity.

Require admin authorization?

Check the box next to Authorization if you want all enrollment requests to require approval by an administrator before Students can begin an Activity.

Set a maximum attendance?

Edit the field for Max Attendance if there is a maximum number of enrollments you wish to permit in the Activity. When the maximum has been met, the LMS will allow a student to register on a waitlist. This field is typically used for Event Activities.

Waitlist the Activity?

Check the box next to Waitlist if you want Students who try to enroll in an Activity after max attendance has been reached to be placed on a waitlist. Also add a value for the number of Students allowed on the waitlist.

Add Catalog details?

Add details that will display in the Catalog when Students browse for Activities. Communicate with them regarding what the Activity entails, what they will learn, etc.

Add Categories?

Add categories that will allow Students to browse for Activities more easily.

Restrict access to specific groups of Students?

If you have sorted Students into groups, you can also restrict who can access the Activity by groups. Any members of any group you add to this Restrictions area of an Activity's Catalog properties will be the only Students who see this Activity in the Catalog. Click the Add a new group restriction button to add a group or groups to the Restrictions list.

Define prerequisites for the Activity?

You can define other Activities that Students must complete before they can enroll in this Activity.



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