Adding Login Text, Logout URL, and Reply-To Address

This article describes three key ways you can brand your account and communicate with your users.

  • Use the Login Text so that users see your message each time they go to their login page.
  • Use a Logout URL to direct users back to your company site or another site when they log out of the LMS.
  • Use a Reply-to Address to have all of the replies to outbound emails go to one place.

You can update and view these features under the Branding Properties section of your Account Settings page.


Go to Account Settings

  • Click on ACCOUNT > Settings.


Scroll to Branding Properties Section


This is a great place to get your users connected, involved or excited before they login. You can also communicate crucial messages such as planned down-time or other pressing news.

  • Fill the field next to LOGIN TEXT with text and/or HTML.


  • Fill in the LOGOUT URL field with the url for the website you want users to be redirected to when they log out.


  • Fill in the REPLY-TO ADDRESS with the email address that is monitored by whoever in your organization manages end users' responses to outbound emails from the LMS.

Save your changes!

  • If you change, add or delete any of these options, be sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the section.


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