Mapping a Letter to an Activity

You can add or map a letter to any Activity.

You must create the Letters and name them first on the Letters page. Once you have created one or more Letters, use this article to understand how to add the letter to the appropriate Activity.

Go to the Activity list

  • Click Activities in the left side navigation bar.

Select the Activity that needs a letter added

  • Click on the title of the Activity.

Go to the Activity Properties page

  • Click the Properties tab at the top of the page.

Go to the Letters Properties section

  • Scroll to the Letter Properties section and click on the Add a new letter trigger link.

Choose the Trigger Type

When you select the dropdown menu for Trigger Type, you will have the following options:

  • Enrollment
  • Due date reminder
  • Failed
  • Passed
  • Dropped
  • No Show
  • Any Completed

Choose the Letter

Use the dropdown menu labeled Letter to select one of your letter templates.

Save Changes

  • Click Add in the bottom left corner.
Note: Before clicking the Add button, there is also the option of adding the email address for any additional people you'd like to copy on the Letter. 

The Letter is now mapped to the Activity!



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