Managing & Organizing Your Letters

Only Unrestricted Administrators can create, manage and map letters.

This article describes how to view active and inactive letters and how to deactivate, reactivate and delete letters.

Go to the Letter list

  • Click Letters in the left side navigation bar.

Filtering Letters by Active/Inactive

  • On the right-hand side, click Filter and you can change the view to either Active or Inactive Letters.

Making a letter Active or Inactive: Letter Properties

  • Check the box next to the letter you want to mark as inactive from the Letters List, and click the Edit button.

Change the status of the letter

  • On the Letter Properties page, simply check or uncheck the "Active" box and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the section.
Your changes have been saved.

Deleting a Letter

Should you decide you will never use a particular letter again, you can delete it to keep your space organized:

  • Check the box next to the letter from the Letters list that you wish to delete.
  • Click the Delete button at the top of the page.
Reminder: You can also mark letters as inactive to make them dormant but still available should you need them in the future.
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