Creating a Letter

Letters are used in the LMS for communicating with Students via email. You can create letters to match the following trigger types: Enrollment, Due date reminder, Failed, Passed, Dropped, Completed. This article describes the necessary steps to create a letter.

Go to the Letter list

  • Click Letters in the left side navigation bar.

Proceed to create a letter

  • Click the New Letter button in the top right corner.

Create your letter by filling in the blanks with the correct information

  • For the Name field, please enter a name that defines the letter. This will make it easy to find in the Letter list later for editing.
  • For the Subject, enter the Subject line that the Student will see.
  • For the Body, fill in the information you wish to communicate. You can use Dynamic Variables to make your letter(s) more personal and customized.

When you click "Dynamic Variables," the options are:

The dynamic variables that you use enable you to customize the letter. With the example above, the letter will automatically pull the information from the LMS to customize the letter to each user based on the variables selected.

Save Changes

  • Click the Create button.
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