Recommending Activities for Groups

Within the Catalog, you can recommend Activities for Groups. This displays an Activity on the Featured and Recommended section at the top of a Student's Catalog Home page, thus increasing visiblity and traffic for the Activity for Students in the selected Group. 

Recommending Activities is done on the Group's Properties page:

Go to 'Groups'

  • Click Groups in the left navigation area

Select the Group

  • Click on the title of the Group

Access the Properties page

  • Click on the Properties tab at the top of the page

Add Recommendations for the Group

  • Click on the Edit button.

Select the recommended Activity(s)

  • Click the dropdown and select the title of the Activity you want to recommend for the Group. Finally, click on the Add button. If you wish to add more recommended Activities, repeat this process.
  • When you are finished adding Activities, click on the Save button.


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