Why does my Articulate Course not Function Properly in Internet Explorer?

There is a globally known error in Internet Explorer for courses published by Articulate authoring tools. 


Articulate has consistently created course authoring products that 'hack' around Internet Explorer quirks. Internet Explorer fixed some of these 'quirks' and created a web browser that followed more globally compatible web standards. As a result, the 'hacks' that Articulate created so that courses published with their authoring tools would function properly in Internet Explorer were no longer necessary. This is where the incompatibility comes in to play.

How do I fix it?

There are two options:

Option 1: IE Compatibility Mode

[Warning: This is a quick fix and not a long term strategy.  Please consider using the IE11+ Updater.]

Learn more about using Compatibility Mode for IE11. Microsoft ended support for all versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE11 early in 2016. If you are running IE10 or earlier, we strongly urge you to update to IE11 or Microsoft Edge.

Note: With the compatibility mode icon, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether or not it is enabled or not enabled. If the user still experiences an issue after enabling compatibility mode, try having them click on the icon once more to change the mode.


Option 2: IE Updater

This option is available to whoever owns the course packages created in Articulate. You download the Articulate Updater for Internet Explorer 11 HERE. Then, you run the Updater on your computer; the Updater locates all of the published .zip files that need to be updated and updates them. Then, you can load the newly updated packages to their Activities in the LMS.


How will running the IE Updater work?

Articulate created the IE Updater to essentially remove the 'hack' that was necessary for previous versions of IE from the courses published in Articulate's course authoring tools.

How will enabling Compatibility Mode in IE work?

Placing IE in Compatibility Mode makes the browser act like an earlier version of Internet Explorer - a version of Internet Explorer that Articulate designed the courses to work in. 

If I run the IE Updater on my courses and update my course packages in the LMS, do I still need to use IE Compatibility Mode?

No. Running the IE Updater removes the need for placing IE in Compatibility Mode in regards to completing an Articulate course in the LMS.


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