How do I Manage Employees in the LMS while they are On Leave?

If you have a nightly user integration with your HRIS database, you may want to address employees/users who are On Leave, as this will affect their assigned training and respective due dates.

There are two approaches you could take:

  • Request that the IT team on your end (or rep at the HRIS company) who prepares and delivers the user file to the LMS make changes to their daily script/user file, so that "On Leave" employees are NOT included in the file. When an employee is removed from the nightly user file, his/her profile will be deactivated (not deleted & records will remain intact) in the LMS.  When the employee returns from leave, he/she can be placed back in the file, and his/her profile can then be reactivated in the LMS.
  • You can use a Custom User Field to contain "On Leave" (TRUE/FALSE) values; this field would allow you to filter a report by this value, leaving these employees out of a report until they return.


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