Merging Two User Accounts

There are a few different instances where you may need to merge two User Accounts. An employee may forget his/her password and create a second account. A temporary employee on the LMS may become a full time employee, and you will want to upload all of their enrollment history to their new account. Regardless, you do not want to have more than one Account per User cluttering your LMS. If a User ever has more than two accounts that you wish to merge, simply repeat the below process.


Go to the User list


  • Click Users.


Select User #1: User Who is Staying

In this example, let's assume that both Bo Richardsons are the same person. We want the User to only use the Bo Richardson account with the user code and uploaded photo, but we do not want to lose all of the work the User did under the other Bo Richardson account. So Bo Richardson with the photo is User #1 (the user whose account is staying) and Bo Richardson without the photo is User #2 (the user whose account is going to be deactivated).

  • Check the box next to the user you want to keep.


Select Merge

  • Click the More dropdown above the list of Users.
  • Click the Merge option.


Select User #2: User Who is being Merged and Deactivated

  • Select the user to be merged, then click the Merge button.


Merge Accounts Together

  • After clicking Merge in the Merging window, a warning window will pop up informing you that your actions cannot be undone. Simply click OK if you wish to proceed, and your Merge will be complete. If you are unsure, please click Cancel, and no changes will be saved.


NOTE: The Bo Richardson account that was merged will still show up under Inactive Users. The existing, active Bo Richardson account now has the Completions, the In-Progress Enrollments and the Completed Enrollments that the inactive Bo Richardson account had in addition to whatever Enrollment data the active Bo Richardson account had.

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