Understanding Types of Users and Their Respective Roles & Capabilities

Each user in the LMS has different levels of access to the LMS functions. There are three types of users in the LMS: Unrestricted Administrator, Restricted Administrator and Student.


Unrestricted Administrator

All features of the LMS are available to Unrestricted Administrators with the exception of Billing. Billing is only visible to the Account Owner.

Some common examples of what Unrestricted Administrators are able to do are:

  • Add new Users to the LMS
  • Edit the information on Users' Profiles
  • Edit Users' Activity Enrollments
  • Create and edit Groups to organize and manage Users
  • Upload and create new Activities
  • Set all the Properties (Settings) for the Activities (i.e. due dates, users and groups to be enrolled, classroom-based session times and locations, etc.)
  • Generate Reports that outline a variety of detailed information on Users, Activity Enrollments and more
  • Determine the settings and restrictions placed on other User accounts

These capabilities and more are discussed in detail throughout Help.

You might consider making the employee in charge of managing your Learning Management System an Unrestricted Administrator, but we do not recommend creating numerous Unrestricted Administrators unless it is truly necessary. Multiple people making changes to the LMS Properties can wreak havoc on the functionality of your LMS.

For this reason, you have the option of creating Restricted Administrators as well. You can edit access to various features for each individual Restricted Administrator role. Creating Restricted Administrators is a great way of ensuring that more than one person is responsible for production through the LMS while maintaining the consistent functionality that is more likely with just one or two Unrestricted Administrators.


Restricted Administrator

Unrestricted Administrators are able to change User Authority for a user to Restricted Administrator. IF AUTHORIZED, Restricted Administrators can do the following:

  • Manage their specified students or groups.
  • Edit the information on Users' Profiles.
  • Enroll their students in Activities.
  • Upload and create new Activities and/or Sessions, Assessments, Files, and Posts.
  • Generate Reports that outline a variety of detailed information on Users and Activity Enrollments.
  • Restricted Administrators CAN NOT create Groups or create Letters or Import .csv files of Sessions, Activities, Users, or Enrollments.

Unrestricted Administrators can edit Restricted Administrator Permissions in the User's Properties section.



An LMS user designated as a Student will primarily be enrolling in and taking activities, accessing session dates, times, and locations. Activities may have associated files (documents, powerpoints, videos, pdfs), and students may view and download the files that pertain to their activities if necessary. In addition, students may also be given access to Comments, which provide for a dynamic discussion between students and instructors concerning activities or related topics.


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