Import Bulk Users to the LMS Using a .CSV File

Instead of manually adding users to the system, you can bulk import a list of users who are defined in a .CSV file (commonly created in Excel). Please be sure your .CSV file is appropriately formatted before continuing. This article describes the process of uploading new users to the LMS using a .CSV file.

Note: All new users uploaded using this method are automatically labeled as Students in the LMS.


Go to the User Import screen

  • From the Admin View select the Users icon in the left-hand navigation.
  • Click on the Import button in the top right corner.


Check that the .CSV user file is in the accurate format


Use the information on the Bulk user import screen to ensure your .CSV file is formatted properly.


Upload the .CSV user file

Scroll to bottom of the Bulk user import screen and click the Choose File button. After choosing the file, click the Upload button.


Review Information, Choose Time Zone and Finalize Upload


A screen like the one above will display with your User information in place. The above example shows a file that had information for two new users. Yours can have any number of users as long as it is within the user limits set by your contract.

If the information displayed is accurate, select the appropriate Time Zone in the dropdown box and click the Import file button to finalize your new users.

Note: As you can see, you also have the option to Upload a different file. If the information you review is inaccurate, use a different file or update your current file to better match the required format first, and then try again by clicking the Upload a different file link.


Optional: View New Users on Users Page

Click Users to view the Users page and your new Users will appear alphabetically in your Users list. They are ready for use!

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