Edit User Profile Fields

It is very important to have accurate User information in the User profiles.

Go to Users



Select a User

  • Click on the name of the user or check the box next to the name of the user.
  • Click the Edit button.


Go to the User's Properties page


  • Click the Properties tab at the top of the page.



It is very important for all users to set their individual Timezones, however an Administrator can set it on the User Profile page. Setting the correct Timezone will affect the times at which Activities and Sessions are listed for each user. Correct Timezone settings are also necessary for scheduled times with automated integrations.


Login and Password info

Depending on the Account Owner or Unrestricted Admin's preferences, individual users may or may not be able to reset their given Login and Password. If the option is available, the fields for Students to enter their desired Login and Password will appear at the top of the "My Profile" page. Administrators can enter a new Login and Password on the User Properties page, however be sure to scroll to the bottom of the shaded section and click the Save Changes button.


Contact Information

As with Login information, a user's ability to view or edit their personal contact details may or may not be accessible, depending upon the Account Owner's preferences. Administrators with the correct permissions can make changes to a User's contact information directly on the User Profile page. When finished, click the Save Changes at the bottom of the shaded section.

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