Deactivating Users

NOTE: If you have a nightly integration between the LMS and your HRIS program, it is important that the users are removed from the column that labels them as Active in the LMS before you take the following steps to deactivate a user. If you deactivate a user before having the users labeled as Inactive on the integration file, the user that was deactivated will be made active again overnight because of the integration.

Go to the User List


Click Users.


Two ways to locate user(s) to deactivate

One: Scroll until you find the user(s) you are looking for and put a check in the box(es) next to his/her name(s). Next, click the Deactivate button at the top left corner.


Two: Search for user(s) by name using the search bar above the User list. Search for one User at a time.

NOTE: This method only allows you to deactivate Users one at a time unless multiple users have the same name and you wish to delete them all.

In your search results, put a check in the box next to the name of the User you wish to Deactivate. Next, click the Deactivate button at the top left corner.


Deactivate user(s)

  1. After clicking Deactivate in the previous step, this window will pop up. It will tell you how many users you are deactivating.
  2. Click the Deactivate button in this window. Now your selected User(s) are Inactive in the LMS and have moved from the list of Active Users to the list of Inactive Users.

    NOTE:  While Student(s) may have been deactivated in the LMS, their records have not been deleted. They have been marked as Inactive. A Student can be reactivated using the same process mentioned above. To view inactive users, click Filter and choose Inactive.  You can also generate a list of inactive students from the Reports link on the lefthand navigation bar.
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