Using Groups: Features and Benefits

Assigning Students to Groups can help to simplify other features of the LMS. Listed below are some of the benefits of using the Groups feature:

  • When you are creating a Group, you have the option to "Automatically find users who should join this group." You can use the dropdown menus provided to make the Group user qualifications as broad or specific as you'd like.
  • Also while creating a Group, you can add Activity Recommendations for the members of the Group who are automatically enrolled according to your user filter criteria, or those members who are manually enrolled. The recommended activities will appear on a Student's catalog Home page.
  • Once you have created a Group, you will be able to use the Advanced Search feature in UsersSessions, and Reports to easily access the list of users within that Group. With the list of Group users accessed, you can then perform the necessary actions (e.g., enroll the users in a session or an activity, run a report on these users, etc.).
  • You can also use Groups as a way of selecting which files and/or activities are viewable to the LMS users. When you create/edit an activity, there is a section labeled "Restrictions." By adding a Group to this list, you are making this activity viewable only to that Group (or Groups).
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