Troubleshooting Course Loading Errors

Troubleshooting Course issues

If you experiencing trouble with an online course, below are some items to check/update.

Check/Update Browser

Chrome 51 or higher (Download latest version here: Chrome Download)

Internet Explorer 11 or higher (Download the newest version here: Internet Explorer Download)

Mozilla Firefox 45 or higher (Download here: Mozilla Firefox Download)

Safari 9 or higher (Download here: Safari Download)


Check/Update Flash version

The most recent version of Flash player (Download here: Flash Player Download)


Check/Update Java version

The most recent Java Update (Download here: Java)


Clear Browser's Cache or Temporary Internet Files

If updating your browser and Flash Player version does not solve the problem, you may need to clear your browser's Cache ("Temporary Internet Files"). To do this, go here and choose your browser.


Disable Pop-Up Blockers

You will also need to make sure pop-up blockers are disabled. Courses load in a separate window, and pop-up blockers may prevent this window from opening. If you are still having trouble launching your online courses, please contact an Administrator for your LMS account.

Learn more about Disabling Pop-Up blockers HERE

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