Managing User Profile Settings

You can enable users to make changes to their personal information or make changes yourself. You can access and edit the user login and contact information requirements for your entire account on the Account Settings page.

Go to the Account Settings page

  • Click Settings in the left navigation area
  • Scroll to the User profile field

  • If you want users to be able to edit their own profiles, check the box next to Allow user profile editing

Set information requirements for user profiles

  • Some information is always required: Login, Password, First Name, Last Name, and Timezone
  • Having a profile picture is always optional
  • You can set whether the following information is hidden (meaning it does not show up in a user's profile settings), optional or required: E-mail, Preferred Language, Hired On, Organization, Work phone, Mobile phone, Home phone, Fax, Address one, Address two, City, State/Province/Region, Zip/Postal Code, and Country
  • Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the section to save any edits to the user profile information requirements for your account.
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