Create and Edit Your Basic Account Settings

Your Account Settings page is much like a mission control center. The changes you make here affect the settings for every user in your account. This article helps you accurately designate your Account Settings. 


Go to Settings

  • Click Settings.


General Settings

To know what you should activate, ask yourself the following questions. If the answer is Yes, check the box. If the answer is No, uncheck the box.


  • Display Home Tab - Do you regularly use your Catalog? Checking this box not only enables Students to access the Home Catalog page, but it also creates a Home Catalog Page that Students will see instead of a plain list of Activities.
  • Display Upcoming Sessions Tab - Are there upcoming sessions of Event Activities that your students should know about?
  • Allow Reviews - Do you want Students to review Activities?


  • Allow Students to comment on activities - Would you like students to comment on Activities, thereby activating "Discussion" functionality?
SSL Login
  • Require logins to use SSL (HTTPS) connection - Do you want to force users to login using a secure connection?

Force Timezone Select

  • Force users to choose a timezone - Do you want to force users to choose a timezone?

Google Analytics

  • If you have a Google Analytics account, enter the code here to analyze web traffic in your LMS account.


  • To allow Students to add their awarded Microdegrees to their LinkedIn profile, check this box.



  • To change the subdomain of your account url, which show up as the characters before "", enter it here by clicking the Change url button.


  • You can decide whether to allow users to self-register in the LMS instead of adding them manually or via an integration. If you check the Allow users to self register from the login page box, you can also add a registration code that users will have to enter in order to self register from the login page. If you use this feature, be sure to give the registration code to your users!


User Profile

  • If you want to allow your users to edit any of the listed fields on their User Profile, check the Allow user profile editing box and select whether each field is hidden, optional or required.

Note: After you are finished making changes to each section, click the Save Changes button.


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