Accessing and Using the API (v2)


This document presents an overview of the Exceed REST API. The Intellum APIs are HTTP RESTful APIs supporting the XML and JSON data formats.

Each API exposes a type of resource (Activity, User, Category, etc.) through a base URL and offers all or part of different standard endpoints:

  • List to get a collection of the resources, with optional filtering
  • Show to get a single existing resource
  • Create to create a new resource
  • Update to update an existing resource
  • Destroy to delete an existing resource

Each type of endpoint is accessed through the HTTP method matching the semantics of the endpoint (GET, POST, PUT/PATCH, DELETE).

The APIs don't allow mass creation, update or deletion of resources.

The Exceed application exposes a number of resources:

Users and Enrollments may be accessed in a RESTful manner using the respective ID, or via their respective code via an optional HTTPS parameter.  If both ID and code are provided, then the code takes precedence.

Resources are accessed via HTTPS and are authenticated by including in the request your API key in the "api_key" parameter. This parameter is required in all requests. Your API key is available in the Settings area. If at any time you need to change your API key, you can do so on that page by clicking the Regenerate API Key link beneath it.

You must specify the response format you expect by setting the headers "Content-type" and "Accept" to "application/json" or "text/xml", or appending ".json" or ".xml" to the endpoint path. Invalid requests will generate the appropriate HTTP response code.

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