Request Administrator Authorization for Activities

You may want to include activities in the catalog for students to choose from, but require them to request permission from an Administrator to take the specific activity(s).

  • Go to Activities.
  • Choose the activity you’d like to restrict by clicking its title link.  
  • Select the Properties tab at the top of the page.
  • In the Catalog Properties section, check the box next to "Include activity in catalog", then check the box next to "Require admin authorization".
  • Click the Save Changes button for the section you've updated.

Now, a student will see the course listed in the Catalog, with a Request Authorization button they must click to gain approval.  

All requests can be viewed by the activity administrator and unrestricted administrator by going to Requests from the lefthand navigation bar.

Next to each request are an Accept button and a Reject button.  The administrator simply clicks the desired button and the enrollment is authorized or rejected.

NOTE: By default, the administrator who created the activity will become the activity administrator.  If the person responsible for granting the request is someone other than the one who created the activity, you may need to assign an administrator to the activity.
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