Using the Dashboard Feature for Compliance Rating

The Dashboard feature shows compliance rates amongst your users and the number of completions per month.


The "User Compliance" bar will show the percentage of required enrollments that are currently in a "Passed/Completed" state.  Rolling over any of the bar graphs in the Dashboard area shows the number of completions for that month.
Additionally, the number of completions for the current year shows totals on the righthand side of the Dashboard.  You will see the total number of "Failed," "No Show," and "Passed" enrollments for the current year.
***It is important to note that when using the Dashboard feature, Unrestricted Admin and Restricted Admin within the same company will view different results on the Dashboard page.  The Unrestricted Admin's Dashboard consists of a more broad set of LMS users, while a Restricted Admin's Dashboard may only show data specific to their assigned groups of users.
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