Custom Reports

Custom Reports are reports that allow you to specify, in great detail, the criteria for the data that you would like to be provided from the LMS database.  Depending on the information or data you are hoping to generate, you can choose from the following report types: Activity Enrollments, User Enrollments, Path Enrollments, Activity Enrollment Tasks, Activity Enrollment Video Statuses, Users, Activities, Sessions, External Credits, Assessment Responses, Assessment Response Questions, Survey Responses, Survey Response Questions, Campaign Survey Responses, Campaign Survey Response Questions, SCORM/AICC Interactions, Activity Reviews, Log Entries, Letter Logs, Waitlists or Comments.

Here are a few of the reasons why custom reports can be very useful:

  • They allow you to generate reports on LMS users who fit a specific description (e.g: “Hired in last 30 days,” “Last login date is [  ],” etc.)
  • You can specify the columns that you would like included in the report; for example, if you want to see very detailed enrollment information you could include: Enrolled On Date, Started Date, Completed Date, Score and Time.
  • You can generate statistics like counts, averages and minimums/maximums.



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