Set up Path Content and Settings

This article explains how to define the settings for a Path activity.


Go to the Activities List:

  • Click Activities.

Find and Select the Path:

  • Click the Path title you want to set up.

Go to the Content page:

  • Click the Content tab at the top of the page.

Adding Sections and Activities to a Path:

When creating a Path, a Section will automatically be created to contain Activities. To add an activity, click on the Add New Activity button. A dropdown of Activity types appears, which allows you to create a new Activity on-the-fly for this Path, or you can choose an existing Activity to add. You can edit the Section Settings to require Activities as 'Complete In Any Order,' 'Complete In Order,' or 'Optional,' (Activities contained in Optional Sections won't be required for Path completion).

The Section Names can be edited or deleted by clicking on the  icon and choosing the appropriate option from the dropdown. Clicking on the same icon for an Activity allows you to delete the Activity from the Path or go to the Activity's Properties page. You can add multiple Sections to a Path at any time by clicking the Add New Section button at the bottom of the page. Activities and Sections can be re-ordered by clicking and dragging the  icon. 

By default, Sections within a Path are required to be completed 'In Order.' If you want your Path Sections to be completed 'In Any Order,' enable the 'Activity Order' setting from the Properties tab:

NOTE: Requiring students to take Activities in a certain order will cause the enrollment status of Activities following the one in progress to read "Not enrolled." This does not indicate that the student is not enrolled in the Activity in the Path, only that they must complete the Activity(s) ahead of it.

Learning Activity Eligibility:

Sometimes students complete learning Activities that are required by a Path before they are enrolled into the Path itself. You can restrict how far back in time you would like the system to look for completed learning Activities by changing the Learning Activity Eligibility setting on the Path Properties page.

Learn more about Path Activity Eligibility HERE.

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