Allowing Students to Enroll Themselves in an Activity

You can change the settings in the Catalog Properties section of an Activity to enable all students to enroll themselves in that Activity and immediately begin to complete it. This article describes how to edit those settings.

Go to the Activity list

  • Go to Activities.

Select an Activity

  • Click on the title of the Activity.

Go to the Activity's Properties page

  • Click on the Properties tab at the top of the page.

Scroll down to the Catalog Properties section

  • Check the Display box "Include activity in catalog." This enables users to see the Activity when browsing the catalog.

Allow Students to Self-Enroll

  • Do not check the "Require Admin authorization" box.

Note: If this box is checked, and the other settings remain the same, Students will be able to enroll themselves in an Activity but not be able to begin taking it until an Administrator logs in and approves their enrollment. In other words, this is how Students "request" enrollment into an Activity.

Do not set a Max Attendance

  • If you want everyone to be able to see and take the Activity, do not set a Max Attendance number. Placing a limit on the total number of enrollments will prevent anyone from taking the Activity once that cap has been reached.

Check Group Restrictions

  • When Group Restrictions are in place, only the users in the selected groups can see those Activities in the Catalog regardless of other settings. So, if you want all users to be able to see an Activity in the Catalog and enroll in it, make sure there are no Group Restrictions.

The other settings under Catalog Properties should not interfere with the number or ability of user self-enrollments in the Activity.

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