Send a Calendar Invite for a Session Enrollment

If you have your schedule of Events and Sessions set up in the LMS, you may want to send automated emails with calendar invitations to enrolled users.


Go to Activities

  • Click Activities.

Find the Event to send calendar invites

  • Click the Event title.

Enable the calendar invitation

On the Event's Properties page, scroll down to the Letter Properties section. The Calendar Invites field will allow the sending of automated calendar invitations via email.

With this option selected, the following will occur:

  • The sending of an enrollment email to all users enrolled in each Session of the Event. This enrollment email will have the calendar invitation included, allowing for the users to "Accept" or "Decline" enrollment in the course. If the invitation is accepted, the Session will be placed in the user's calendar (Outlook, Gmail, iMail, etc.) at the applicable date and time. If the invitation is declined, the user's enrollment in the Session will be dropped in the LMS.
  • The sending of an email to users whose enrollments are dropped or deleted. Upon the user's enrollment being dropped or deleted, the user will receive an email notifying them of this change. This email will contain a calendar attachment that will cancel the Session in their calendar.

NOTE: In instances when the Session enrollment is dropped by the user and administrators need to be notified, a separate Letter can be mapped to the session with a "Dropped" letter trigger. For more information on Letters, click HERE.


Send Calendar Updates Feature

This feature will allow for the optional sending of an email with updated Session details. If date, time, or location information for a Session is updated and you would like to notify the enrolled users, you can click the Send Calendar Updates button on the Session's Properties page. This option will send emails to enrolled users with revised calendar invitations that include all updates to date, time and location.


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