Editing Activity Properties

In this article, we will describe how to edit the activity properties that are in common for Paths, Links, Files, Assessments, Events and Posts. For information on how to edit activity properties specific to each course type, please see the corresponding articles.

Go to Activities

  • Click Activities.

Select the Activity you want to edit

  • Click the title of the Activity.

Go to the Activity's Properties page

  • Click the Properties tab at the top of the page.

Activity Properties

The first section on an Activity's Properties page is general properties, where you can change the basic information such as the title, description, duration, code, author and credit units. Simply make the necessary updates and save your changes.


Branding Properties

The Branding Properties section is the second section on an activity's Properties page. Here you can upload covert art and a hero image for the activity.

For more information on Branding, click HERE.

For more information on adding a hero image to an activity, click HERE.


Enrollment Properties

The Enrollment Properties section is the third section on a activity's Properties page. Here you can make changes to a user's experience in taking the activity. You can change student access to the activity, whether or not they can download a certificate, ability to receive a microdegree, enable comments and other settings. Simply make the changes and then click Save.

Note: SCORM and AICC file activities will never show the "Mark as Complete" button, since these activity types rely on communication from the online course to the LMS for course completion data.


Letter Properties

The next section, Letter Properties, allows the setup of customized email letters to be automatically sent users when they are enrolled in the activity. You can also set a reply-to address for response emails.


Catalog Properties

Under the Catalog Properties settings, you can edit whether or not an activity displays in the Catalog. If an activity is NOT in the Catalog, users will not be able to see the activity and enroll in it.

  • If you check "Feature activity in catalog," the activity will display on the Catalog home page in the "Featured Activities" section.
  • If you check "Require admin authorization," users will not be able to completely enroll in/access an activity until a Restricted Admin logs in and approves the enrollment request. Be sure you have an Admin assigned to the activity, under Administration Properties (below).
  • If you check "Require student confirmation," you will be prompted to fill in a text field with a message that users must read and then click a confirmation/acceptance of terms button before enrolling.
  • "Authorization," when checked, requires an administrator to approve all Student enrollments into this activity.
  • If you set a Max Attendance, you will be prompted with the option to utilize a waitlist (for Event activities). 
  • You can add catalog details, categories, group restrictions and activity prerequisites to the activity


Administration Properties

Under Administration Properties, the creator of the activity can make changes to how users are enrolled in the activity, create a URL that automatically enrolls users who click on the address link, auto-assign users to groups upon completion of the activity, assign Restricted Admin and Instructor permissions for this activity, and add a Survey to this activity.

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