Creating Sessions That Correspond With Events

This article describes how to create one or more Sessions for your Events. Sessions are individual instances of an Event that Students can enroll in, so only create Sessions after you have created an Event and set all the Event properties.

Learn more about Creating an Event Activity HERE.

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Select the Event and Define the Session

There are two ways to add Sessions to an Event:

  1. Click Activities in the left menu. Find the Event activity and click on its title. At the top of the page, click the View Sessions tab. All existing Sessions will appear on the page. Click the New Session button at the top right of the page.  The Session creation page will appear with the Event name already populated.
  2. Click Sessions in the left menu. A list of all Sessions will display. Click the New Session button at the top right of the page. On the Session creation page choose an Event and fill in the rest of the Session details.

Repeat the above steps to add additional Sessions for the Event.


Edit Session Properties

Once you have defined the Session, you can edit the Session Properties, such as adding dates/times to build the schedule that's displayed to Students, and mapping Letters or Resources.

Session Schedule

Click the Add a new date button to define a date and time for this Session. You can add multiple dates/times if the Session spans more than one day. For example, I could create multiple New Hire Orientation Sessions for a New Hire Orientation Event (perhaps one per month), with each Session lasting 3 days (from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm). I would then define 3 dates for this Session, each lasting 9 hours.

Enter Date Details

In the New Date window, you will enter the start time/date and the duration of the Date along with the Location. You also have the option to have the Date repeat itself daily, weekly, or monthly. When done entering all the details, click the Create button.

Enrollment Properties

Here you can hide your enrollment confirmation until a specified time and date.

Letter Properties and Resources

You can map a letter to be automatically sent out when users enroll in the Session by clicking the Add a new letter trigger button. You can also attach files or create links to other resources so that users who are enrolled in the Session will be able to access them for this particular Session (via the Upload a new file and Add a new link buttons).

Catalog Properties

You can include the Session in the Catalog so that users can enroll themselves. If users are only being enrolled by an Administrator, do not click the Include session in catalog box.

If the Session is included in the Catalog, you also have the options to Require admin authorization before a user's enrollment is authorized and the option to set a maximum attendance.

If a Max attendance is set, you can include a waitlist once it is reached. 

Learn more about Creating a Waitlist HERE

Do not forget to click the Save Changes button when you are done making changes to the Catalog Properties.

Administration Properties

Here you can generate an Enrollment URL to use in e-mails or on a web page that enrolls users automatically when they access the URL. You may also give admin permission to Restricted Admin to enroll users in the session. Finally, you can assign Instructor permissions to Administrators.

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