Designating Triggers for Automatic Letters

Automatic Letters are auto-generated emails that can be mapped to an Activity. 


You can specify alerts and reminders to be sent out based on specific triggers that you set; the "Letters" are great ways to:

  • Alert a student that a new Activity has been assigned (Enrollment trigger)
  • Remind a student of an upcoming assignment (Reminder trigger)
  • Notify a student of a failing Activity grade (Fail trigger)
  • Congratulate a student on a passing Activity grade (Pass trigger)
  • Send a reminder to a student after they have completed an Activity (Completed trigger)

Note: Letters can only be created by Unrestricted Administrators. However, once created, they can be selected from the applicable Letter dropdowns and used by all Administrators.

  • To create a custom letter, go to Letters
  • Click the New Letter button.
  • Fill out the appropriate information. The LMS offers several Dynamic Variables that can be used for pulling information from the database automatically.
    Example: Using the variable @[email protected] in the letter will enable the LMS to pull specific user names from the database as the letter is generated.
  • Next, you’ll need to map the letter to its proper Activity and specify the trigger associated with it. To do so, go to Activities.
  • Click the Activity title to which the letter will be mapped.  
  • Click the Properties tab at the top of the page. 
  • Next, scroll down to the Letter Properties section and click on the Add a new letter link.  Then, choose the letter title and trigger using the dropdown menus provided. 
  • Make sure to click Save Changes once the appropriate letter has been mapped.

Once mapped, the letter will be generated automatically by the LMS based on its associated trigger.

"Look back" rules exist for each trigger type, which define how many days back the trigger will look to see which users should receive the letter. Here are the look back rules, as well as when the letter is sent, for each trigger type:

Trigger Type Rule When is Letter sent?
Due Date The trigger will look back forever Nightly
Completed The trigger will not send letter to students completed before 15 days ago Nightly
Enrollment The trigger will not send letter to students enrolled before 2 weeks ago or enrolled before creation of the letter trigger 10 minutes post-enrollment
Start Date The trigger will look back forever Nightly
Dropped/Failed/No-Show/Passed The trigger will not send letter to students enrolled before 2 weeks ago Nightly



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