Create a Path

A Path can consist of a number of Activities which are designed to help Students complete specific tasks, qualifications, or requirements in their LMS.  They are a convenient way to guide learning and instruction based on certain areas of study, subject matter, and core competency.


To create a Path:

  • Go to Activities.
  • Click on the New Activity button and select Path from the dropdown.
  • Enter the Path Title and Description in the pop-up box.  
  • Click the Save button when finished.
  • The Path Content page will appear once you have saved your Path.
  • To add an activity, click the Add New Activity button and choose an existing activity via the "Choose Existing" option, or create a new activity to be added by selecting one of the activity type options (Link, File, Assessment, Event or Post).

  • You can add additional sections to the Path by clicking on the Add New Section button. This will allow you to further specialize the groups of activities within your Path. Make sure to move activities inside of the appropriate section by using the horizontal lines icon ("hamburger" icon) to the right of the activity name and dragging the activity to its desired spot.

  • At the top of each section are two dropdown lists. The first list allows you to define whether the activities in that section must be completed in order, or if they are optional:
  • The second list allows you to define how many activities in the section are required:


  • For activities that can communicate scores, like Assessments and E-learning activities, clicking on the dots icon gives you access to additional settings:


  • In the Settings pop-up window, you can set the following properties:
    • Whether this activity counts towards the score of the Path. If you select Yes, the score for this activity and any other activities in the Path which are marked this way will be averaged together to produce a score for the path. For example, if a Student completes a Path where they scored 100% on an Assessment and 85% on an E-learning activity, they would receive a score of 92.5% for the Path.
    • You can set the maximum number of attempts that the Student is allowed for the activity to None (unlimited number of attempts) or 1-10 attempts.
    • Finally, you can exempt a Student from having to complete the rest of the Path if they pass this activity.


  • Clicking on the Properties tab at the top of the page will give you access to two additional important settings for the Path. These can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the Enrollment Properties section. Checking the box for Activity Order will allow Students to complete all sections within the Path in any order. You can also define how far back in time activities that Students have completed are eligible for completion with the Path.



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