Setting up a Wait List

You can set up a Wait List so that if a Session’s maximum number of attendees has been reached, Students can request to take the Session in the event that an open slot becomes available. This can also be helpful in letting you know that there’s enough interest to create another Session for an Activity.


To set up a wait list for a Session:

Go to the Sessions list

  • Click Sessions in the left navigation area.

Select the Session you wish to add a wait list

  • Click on the title of the Session.
  • Click the Properties tab at the top of the page.

Scroll down the page to Catalog Properties

  • If you have not already opted to include this Session in the Catalog, do so by checking the box next to Include activity in catalog.

Specify number of enrollments and wait list


  • Enter a value for Max Participants.
  • You may optionally choose to disallow admin invitations to the session once the max participant count has been reached by checking the box. If an admin tries to manually enroll someone into the Session once the Max Participants amount has been reached, they will see a warning message.
  • Check the box to Include wait list. Any Student trying to enroll in this Session will instead be added to the wait list once the max participant count has been reached.
  • Enter the number of spots on the wait list, if desired.
  • If you wish the system to automatically accept requests from the wait list if space is available, check the box.
  • Click the Save Changes button to save your edits in this section. Any Student registering for this Session will be automatically put on the wait list if the Session is full.


The Student Experience

If a Student tries to enroll in a Session which is full but includes a wait list, they will see a Request button instead of an Enroll button. After clicking the Request button a message stating "Your request was successfully submitted" will display, and the Request button will change to Requested.
An admin can approve or deny the Student's request from the Waitlist Requests page (accessible by clicking Requests in the left navigation menu):
Note that if an admin tries to approve a wait list request but the Session has the "Don't allow admin invitations once the max participants has been reached" box checked, they will be unable to enroll the Student unless they bump up the max participants allowed for the Session.
Regardless of whether the Student is approved or denied, the admin will need to choose an existing letter template or create a custom letter to send to the Student. Most clients have "Waitlist Request Approved" and/or "Waitlist Request Denied" letter templates for this purpose.
The outcome of the admin's decision is processed on an hourly basis, and the Student will receive the relevant email notification immediately afterwards.
If the Student was approved by an admin or auto-enrolled by the system, they will see their enrollment on the Current tab of their My Library page.
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