Auto Enrolling Users and Groups in Activities

When the need arises for an activity to be assigned over time to specific groups of people, it's time to take a look at auto-enrollments. Auto-enrollments allow you to use one or more groups or the selection of the entire company to assign an activity.

Once implemented, all users that apply will be enrolled in the activity that evening. Then, moving forward, each new user who meets the criteria will be enrolled in the activity. So, no need to keep up with manually enrolling these new users!

Auto-enrollments can also help with recurring assignments such as activities that are required at the same time every year and activities that are required at regular intervals, such as one year from the previous completion.

To explore and set up auto-enrollment properties, follow these steps:

Go to the Activity List


  • Click Activities.


Select the activity you want to setup Auto-Enrollments

  • Click on the activity title.


Go to this activity's Properties page

  • Click the Properties tab at the top of the page.


Manage "Auto enrollment" section of Administration Properties

Scroll down until you see the Administration Properties section. You will see a dropdown menu of Auto-Enrollment options: “Do not auto enroll,” “Auto enroll entire company,” and “Auto enroll by group.”

  • If you would like to automatically enroll every active user in the LMS, choose “Auto enroll entire company.”
  • If you have created groups that need to be auto-enrolled, choose “Auto enroll by group.” You will then be prompted to choose the necessary groups to enroll (1). You can add as many as you’d like.

You may set a Hired After date (2), which is great for training that might apply to a group, but only those employees hired after a certain date.

Once you’ve chosen the correct set(s) of users to be enrolled in the activity, you can specify whether the enrollment is a “One time requirement,” an “Annual recurring requirement,” or “Custom recurring requirement” (3).

One time requirement:

The user will only be enrolled in this activity once. Upon completion of this activity, they have met their one-time requirement.

Annual recurring requirement:

This activity or Learning Path is required once a year. You will specify the date on which the requirement will be due on a yearly basis. You can also specify the number of days the user has to complete his/her initial enrollment by filling in the “Due within” field (4).

Note: When a user completes the annual requirement for the current training year, they will be enrolled in the next training year’s requirement, and their due date will reflect this, e.g. if a user has completed the training for the 2015-2016 period, they will be enrolled in the training for the 2016-2017 training year with a due date in 2017.

Custom recurring requirement:

This activity or Learning Path is required on a custom recurring basis, e.g.: every 6 months, every 2 years, every 3 years. You will enter the intervals at which the activity is required in number of months.

You can also specify the number of days the user has to complete his/her initial enrollment by filling in the “Due within” field.

Save your Changes

  • When you are finished making changes, click on the Save Changes button.


Special Notes on Auto-Enrollment timing

If auto-enrollments are created as described here, they will not be created for any group members until overnight batch processing has occurred. This also holds true for users created via an integration where group membership is defined.

If, however, a user's profile is updated via the user interface which changes their group membership, or is otherwise manually entered into a group (both of which are setup for auto-enrollments), they will be enrolled immediately:




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