Accessing Your History Page

The History page is where you can find all of your completed enrollments.  From this page, you can print your transcript that shows your completed activity enrollments, completion dates, and scores (if applicable).

The History page also allows you to access completed activity enrollments to print Certificates of Completion for activities that offer them. In addition, you can add External Credits to your transcript (which are learning opportunities you did outside the purview of the LMS, such as attending a seminar or conference, or taking a course at the local community college).

Access your Enrollment history

 Click the My Library tab in the left side navigation bar, once on the My Library Page click the "History" tab at the top of the page.

History options

  • You can also print your enrollment history. Click the "Print History" button and it will automatically generate a document for you to print.
  • Finally, you can filter the activities in your History. Click "Filter" and you can choose to view your enrollments by activity type: Featured, Path, Link, File, Assessment, Event, Post or External Credits.
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