Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Q&A is a new feature in Tribe that allows a member to post a question and have other members of the Tribe submit and rate answers.


Posting a question in Tribe is easy! In addition to contributing a Post, you will now see a Q&A option. When clicked, you can enter your question text and click "Tribe It" as before:



You'll notice that instead of comments, a text field for answers displays. Other Tribe members can submit answers to the posted question:


The up and down arrows next to each answer allow members to upvote and downvote the popularity and relevance of the answers. The vote totals display in between the arrows and when viewed, the answers will display in order of votes, from highest to lowest:



Note: all other functionality of a Tribe post is possible for Q&As. You can edit them, pin them, flag them, bump them, and upload a file during creation (via the up arrow at the top right of the post).


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