Release Notes - Week Ending January 12th, 2018




Improved Enrollment Letter timing

Previously, if an activity was set up to have an auto enrollment with a custom recurring requirement (e.g., every 12 months) and on the same activity the “Hide enrollments…” field was set (e.g., until the due date is 30 days away), any enrollment letter defined for the activity would get sent out immediately after completion of the activity. So in this example, although the activity wouldn’t be due again for 12 months and the Student wouldn’t see the enrollment for 11 months, the enrollment letter would be sent out immediately after the activity was first completed.

We’ve changed this logic so that the enrollment letter will not be sent until the Student can see the enrollment (in this case, 30 days prior to the activity being due). Note that the other letter trigger types (e.g. Due Date Reminder, which may be more applicable in certain situations) are not impacted by this change. Also note that this change impacts only auto-enrollments, and not manual enrollments, whose triggered letters will continue to be sent within 15 minutes if applicable.

Registration Confirmation Email now localized

We have completely localized the Registration Confirmation Email (which Students receive after self-registration into the system), meaning that the text of the email will be translated based on the Student’s locale.

Improved accessibility on Assessment pages

We have improved the accessibility of assessments by allowing Students to navigate through and select answer options using the tab, arrow and space keys. This allows Students to successfully complete an assessment using only the keyboard (and not the mouse).


Closing Locked Activity in Path directs to My Library instead of Path page

If a Student accessed a locked activity in a Path, upon closing the activity (via the “X” link at the top left of the page), the Student would subsequently see their My Library page, instead of being directed back to the Path page. We have fixed this problem so that the Student will be directed back to the Path page upon closing a locked activity.

Some Activity Imports failed when “Allow Retakes” field was null

When an administrator ran a Bulk Activity Import, if the “Allow Retakes” field wasn’t populated the import could fail. We have addressed this issue by assigning a default value of “False” to the “Allow Retakes” field unless “True” is present in the imported file.

Locked Section in Path sometimes accessible

If a Path exists with a Section that has a “Lock Activities Until” date defined for it, and a section precedes it in the Path, it was possible to access the activities in the locked section prior to the lock date. We have fixed this bug so that the “Lock Activities Until” date will be respected, allowing the section to remain locked to the Student until that date is reached.


Incorrect button sizes in ‘Save Filters’ widget

In the “Save Filters” pop-up widget for a Report Query, the “+,” “-,” and “+ Saved Filters” buttons were incorrectly sized:


The buttons have been resized to their correct dimensions:



Cannot remove an Event in a Locked State

If a Student has dropped a Session for an Event, the Event will still remain on their My Library / Current tab in a locked state until they choose another session. However, in this scenario they were unable to remove the Event from their Current page (using the “X” remove icon). We have corrected this problem so that a Student can remove an Event from their My Library / Current page, even if the Event is in a locked state.



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