Release Notes - Week Ending January 5th, 2018




Added ability to query on Language and Difficulty for Activities report

In the Activities report, two new fields have been added to query against and include in the report output:

  • Activity difficulty
  • Activity locale


Also, these fields are now available in the activity filter (when searching) and the activity import.

Category/Subcategory names no longer need to be unique

To allow for situations where localized category names have the same spelling, we have removed the unique Name requirement for categories. Moving forward, two different categories can have the same Name. The Category Code should be used to sustain unique values for importing and reporting needs.



Daylight Savings Time caused issues with recurring reports

Recurring reports that were defined to run at a certain time were being thrown off by the one hour shift due to Daylight Savings Time, which resulted in queued jobs being run an hour later or earlier than scheduled. We have adjusted our time calculations to take DST into account, so that recurring jobs will always run at the time specified.


“Add” button enabled even when no group is selected for Auto Enrollment

When an admin is setting up an auto enrollment for an activity, it was possible to click the “Add” button even when no group was selected from the dropdown, which temporarily displayed an undefined group:


Although this undefined group didn’t save, we have clarified this process by displaying an error message if no group is selected in the dropdown when the “Add” button is clicked.


Note - the following fixes were implemented during the week ending 12/29/17:


“Return to Activity” button for eLearning activity sometimes didn’t work correctly in Path

If a Student launched an eLearning activity that existed in a Path, after completing the Activity and clicking the “Return to Activity” button, they would sometimes be taken to the History page for the activity instead of being returned to the Path. This bug has been fixed so that the Student is always returned directly to the Path when the link is clicked.


Assessment activity in Path doesn’t show lockout period message

If an Assessment activity is defined to allow retakes with a certain lockout period (i.e., a number of days the activity will be locked after failing the assessment), when a Student viewed the activity from a Path via the Current tab of My Library, they would see the “Activity Locked” text, but no message describing the lockout period. This issue has been addressed so that the lockout period message will display in this scenario.


HTML Editor option for HTML Letters

If HTML Letters are enabled for your account, you may now choose whether or not to use the HTML Editor, which enables a WYSIWYG editor for easy HTML editing. Since the HTML Editor tends to sanitize HTML that’s been copied and pasted, we recommend leaving this box unchecked if you want your properly-formatted HTML to remain intact.




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