Release Notes - Week Ending December 22nd, 2017




Catalog Home page performance improvements

We’ve decreased the amount of time needed to render images on the Catalog Home page, thus you will now see quicker load times when Students navigate to that page.


Continued Localization improvements

We have continued updating translations for many supported languages in the system, nearing 100% translation in the Student experience. For a comprehensive overview of localization support in Exceed, please see this article.


Letter triggers will now verify the CC email address field

When an administrator creates a new letter trigger for an activity, the “Additional CC email addresses” field will now be verified to ensure that valid email addresses are entered. If an invalid email address is entered, an error message will be displayed:



CSV Report exports performance improvement

We have made some internal changes to speed up the exporting of reports in the CSV format. Administrators should experience a 50% speed improvement when exporting CSV report files.



Removed enrollments sometimes showing as Passed in the activity view

When an activity for a Student is removed (dropped), the correct status of “Removed” will display on the History tab of My Library, however if the Student clicks on the activity to show the activity view, sometimes the status would display as “Passed.” We have fixed this issue so that the correct status of “Removed” will display in the activity view.


Option to hide Welcome page not displaying

If an administrator has configured a Welcome page to hide, by leaving the “Do Not Hide” option unchecked on the Welcome Page properties for a branding organization,


when a Student first visits the Welcome page, they weren’t seeing the “Don’t show me this page again” link at the top right of the page. This bug has been fixed so that the link will display, allowing the Student to hide the Welcome page.


Removed text from Session Cancellation email

If a Student dropped a Session, or the Session was cancelled, the Session Cancellation email that was sent to the Student would contain the text “Please accept the attached event to update your calendar.” This was confusing, since there was no invitation to accept. This text has been removed from the Session Cancellation email.


Certificate completion date wasn’t respecting user’s time zone

Sometimes, depending on the user’s time zone, the date of completion showing on a certificate wasn’t accurate. We’ve fixed this problem so that the certificate completion date will respect the time zone the user is in and display an accurate date.


Log entry description field was being truncated

When an administrator browsed the Audit Log entries, the description field was only displaying 255 characters, therefore truncating some messages. We have corrected this issue so that the full message will display in the Log entry’s description field.


Emails viewed in Outlook sometimes displayed incorrect Sender email

If a client viewed an email sent from Exceed in Microsoft Outlook, sometimes the “From” field in the email would display an incorrect email address. This problem has been fixed so that the “From” field will display the correct email address when viewed in Outlook.



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