Release Notes - Week Ending December 15th, 2017




Retake option available for ALL activity types

Previously, the retake option was only available for Path, eLearning, and Assessment activity types. Now, the retake option is available for ALL activity types in the system! You will see the “Allow retakes” option with its associated retake lockout field under the Enrollment Properties on an activity’s Properties page:



“Allow Retakes” field added to Activity Import

We’ve added a new field to the Activity import - the “Allow Retakes” field is a True/False field that determines whether the activity being imported will allow retakes:



Custom Login Text moved to Branding Org Properties

The text field for Login Text, which previously was on the Account Settings page, has been moved to the Properties page for Branding Organizations. This allows custom login text to be defined for each branding organization, if desired.



Visual update to Failed Assessment or eLearning status in Path

If a Student, while in a Path, failed to pass an Assessment or eLearning activity within the admin-defined maximum number of attempts, we used to show a blue checkmark to denote that activity was “completed,” but “failed.”

We have changed the icon to show a red ‘X’ upon a Student failing all attempts for an Assessment or eLearning activity in a Path.



‘Enrollment type’ dynamic variable added for Letters

When creating/editing a letter, an administrator now has an additional dynamic variable to choose from. The @enrollment_type@ variable is now available to use, which will display the type of enrollment (elected, recommended or required).



Filter fields added to Enrollment Report types

The following filters have been added to the Activity Enrollments, User Enrollments, and Path Enrollments reports:

  • Assessment type (‘assessment,’ ‘survey,’ or ‘evaluation’)
  • Evaluated by

These fields can now be included in the report query and added as columns in the report output.




Import confirmation shows duplicated header row

When doing an activity or user import through the UI, when the confirmation screen appeared, the administrator would see two rows for the header (showing the column titles). This bug has been fixed so only one header row will display.


Some Elected enrollments were displaying as Recommended

Note: this issue was hotfixed on 12/8/17. When a Student navigated to an Activity, sometimes an Elected enrollment would display as a “Recommended Activity” at the top of the activity page. We have corrected this issue so that “Recommended Activity” does not display for Elected enrollments on the activity page.


‘Updated By’ field wasn’t displaying correctly in User Audit log after password reset

If an administrator did a password reset for a user, the incorrect admin’s name would display in the “Updated By” field for that action in the user audit log. This has been fixed so that the correct admin’s name will display in this scenario.


Dragging the vertical scrollbar sometimes didn’t work in Paths

If a Path has many activities, when a Student tried to grab the scrollbar from the top right of the window, sometimes the scrollbar wouldn’t move. This typically happened when using the Chrome or Safari browser and the scrollbar is visible by default. This problem has been corrected so that users can successfully grab the visible scrollbar from the top right of the window.


Inconsistent use of ‘Enroll’ or ‘Choose when selecting a Session

When a Student browses for a Session, they would see the ‘Enroll’ button appear, however when searching for a Session via the Catalog, they would see a ‘Choose’ button. In order to be consistent throughout the UI, ‘Enroll’ will display for all Session listings and when a Session is viewed via an Activity.


Russian and Polish translation errors

Some users with Russian and Polish as their default language were encountering system errors when taking assessments due to incorrect localizations. These localization issues have been fixed for both Russian and Polish languages.



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