Release Notes - Week Ending December 8th, 2017




Ability to remove an elected or recommended activity from the Current tab of My Library

We have added the ability for a Student to remove, or drop, an elected or recommended activity from the Current tab of their My Library page:


When the “X” is clicked, a confirmation will appear stating “Are you sure you want to remove this activity? It will no longer appear in the Current activities list.” If confirmed, the activity will be removed from the Current list and appear under the History tab in a “Removed” status.


Activity Type filter added to Current tab of My Library

An Activity Type filter has been added to the Current tab of My Library:


The activities listed on the page can be filtered by Requirements, Recommendations or Sessions, with All Types being the default. In addition, the My Requirements, My Recommendations, and My Sessions buttons on the Browse page will now link to their corresponding filters on the My Library: Current tab.


‘My Favorites’ button added to Browse page

A new ‘My Favorites’ button has been added to the end of the button list on the Browse page:


When clicked, the button will direct to the My Current: Favorites tab. Note: this button will only appear if the Student has favorited an activity.


Type filter replaced with Status filter on History tab of My Library

On the My Library: History tab, we have replaced the Type filter (which allowed filtering by activity type) with a Status filter which includes the options of All Statuses, Viewed, Started, Passed, Failed and Removed:



Activities started as part of a Path show in History tab of My Library

Prior to this enhancement, when a Student started an activity contained within a Path, that activity would only be seen on the History tab of My Library if the Path was clicked on. We have essentially “unpacked” activities that have been started in a Path so that they show up on the My Library: History tab as standalone activities.


Fields added to Path Content report

The following three fields have been added to the Path Content report type:

  • Activity duration
  • Activity type
  • Activity subtype

These fields can now be included in the report query and added as columns in the report output.



Enrollments API performance improvement

We have made some enhancements to the Enrollments API so that you should see a 15-20% performance improvement in calls made.



Incorrect question total showing for assessments with randomized questions

If an administrator had created an assessment with the “Randomize Questions” setting turned on, when a Student navigated to the activity page for the assessment they may have seen an incorrect number of questions display. We have fixed this issue so that the correct number of questions displays.


Localization text overlap on History tab of My Library

If a Student was viewing the My Library: History tab, depending on their language they might have seen the date and status text overlapping:


Since this problem was due to some localizations displaying the time in addition to the date, we have removed the time so that only the date is displayed.


‘Next’ link clickable on History tab of My Library when no more pages exist

If a Student was viewing their My Library: History tab and there were no more pages to view, they’d still be able to click on the ‘Next’ link. We have fixed this bug by graying out the Next link in this scenario so that it is not clickable:



Unable to upload a file for Upload type assessment questions

If a Student was taking an assessment and encountered an Upload type question, when they clicked on the ‘Upload a file’ button nothing would happen. We have corrected this problem so that when a Student clicks the ‘Upload a file’ button a file window will display so that a file can be uploaded for the question.


Failing all attempts of sole assessment in Path resulted in passing the Path

If an administrator had created a Path containing a single assessment which had its “Exempt a Student from the rest of the Path if this Activity is Passed” setting set to “Yes,” even if the Student failed all attempts of the assessment they would still be marked as passing the Path. This has been corrected so that in this scenario the Student will be marked as failing the Path.


Removed DOM ID from Catalog section administration

When an administrator edited a catalog section from the Catalog Home tab of a branding organization, one of the fields available was the ‘DOM ID (For Linking on Page).’ This field wasn’t meant to be available through the user interface, so we have removed it from view.


Microdegree modal not showing when user language is French

If a Student whose language was set to French completed an activity that earned a microdegree, upon completing the activity they would not see the microdegree modal screen appear. We have fixed this issue so that the microdegree screen will display in this scenario.



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