Release Notes - Week Ending December 1st, 2017




Description field added to Resources for Events

Prior to this enhancement, when a file or URL was uploaded as a resource to an event, only the filename or URL would display to the learner, which could be confusing. To address this, we have added a Description field to both the “Upload a new file” and “Add a new link” pop-ups that allows the admin to add a description to the file or link provided:


When the learner views a session for this event, they will see the resource, with its text description and a button to either download the file or view the link in a browser:





Microdegree modal didn’t work if social sharing enabled for activity

If social sharing was enabled for an activity that also awarded a microdegree, the modal for the microdegree wouldn’t show when clicked (either from the Profile page or immediately upon clicking “Mark as complete” for that activity). We have fixed this issue so that the microdegree modal will appear in this scenario.


Activities requiring student confirmation were locked within a Path for some users

If a user tried to enroll in an activity which required student confirmation, but the activity was in a Path (which should bypass the student confirmation requirement), the activity would be erroneously locked and the user couldn’t access it. We have corrected this issue and now any activities in a Path which require student confirmation will be accessible for the user to enroll in when clicked on in the Path.


Inability to print all pages of a student assessment

When an admin viewed a student’s assessment responses and attempted to print (from the browser) the full assessment, only the first page printed out. This bug has been fixed and now admins can print all the pages of a student’s assessment.


Updating a Session enrollment to “No Show” prevented Students from viewing upcoming sessions

If an admin changed the status of an existing session enrollment to “No Show,” subsequently the student would be unable to see any of the upcoming sessions scheduled so that they could enroll in another session. This has been corrected so that a “No Show” status will not prevent students from seeing the upcoming session schedule for an event.


Past sessions appearing in the Catalog

If a session occurred in the past, it was still showing up in the Catalog view. To address this, any session that has a start time of 2 hours or more in the past at the moment a Student is viewing the Catalog will not display.


Older, admin-enrolled activities not showing up as Current in My Library

Some accounts were encountering an issue with older activities (prior to May 2017), which admins had enrolled students into, currently not displaying under the “Current” tab of My Library for those students. These activities were defaulted to “Elected” status back in May, but did not include a “Started On” date.

We have addressed this by ensuring that these enrollments now have a “Started On” date equal to the enrollment date, and will appear on students’ “Current” tab of My Library.

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