Tribe Release Notes - November 28th, 2017



  • Added Privacy and Terms for the German locale, as well as making a few German localization changes
    • Datenschutzerklärung (Privacy Statement)
    • Nutzungsbedingungen (Terms of Usage)
    • Impressum (About)



  • Fixed: Adding a comment a second time to a post was not getting translated (for all languages other than English)
  • Fixed: Subsequent logins were not directing users to their last visited view - either a specific Tribe or the "All Tribes" view
  • Fixed: Deleting an Exceed Group on a Tribe's Properties page deletes all groups listed
  • Fixed: Tribes showing incorrect analytics data for "Activities and comments per day of the week (all time)" in the "When Are People Active" section
  • Fixed: Some users were not seeing the "Search activities" and "Drop some knowledge..." fields consistently



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