Release Notes - Week Ending November 24th, 2017




Added text if no activities exist in a Path section

If a section in a Path contains no activities, we have added text that displays the message “There are no activities in this section.” when the section is expanded:



Unnecessary Section instructions removed in a Path

When a Student views the contents of a Path, the instructions for sections which require all activities to be completed have been removed. Students will no longer see the “Complete all in order” and “Complete all in any order” instructions in a Path section.



Ability to hide activity reviews from Students

A new account property has been added to separate the ability for Students to rate and review activities they’ve completed vs. viewing existing reviews for an activity.


In addition to the existing “Allow Ratings & Reviews” option, which allows Students to rate and review activities, a new option “Show Reviews To Learners” has been added. This new option will allow Students to view existing reviews for activities when enabled.


If disabled, Students will be able to rate (star) and leave a review for activities they’ve completed, but will be unable to see reviews left by other Students.



Consistent buttons across all pages on all devices

We have cleaned up the appearance of all buttons in the LMS for consistency. Any buttons with a default green color will now display as blue across all Admin and Student experience screens.


Four additional locales added for translations

In our continuing exercise to provide comprehensive translations within the LMS, the following four locales have been added:

  • Spanish (es-419)
  • Dutch (nl)
  • Portuguese (pt-PT)
  • Vietnamese (vi)

In addition, several new translation keys have been added to features included in the New Learner Experience.


Group members count added to Groups API

Using the “Read” endpoint for the Groups API, the “active_member_count” will now be returned.



SCORM file upload containing multiple modules encountered error upon Launch

If an administrator attempted to upload a SCORM zip file to a File activity which contained multiple modules (i.e., a “multi-SCO" SCORM file), the activity would not work when a Student attempted to launch it. We have fixed this problem and now multi-SCO SCORM courses process correctly and can be launched without error.


Unable to view logs when debugging a eLearning course

An administrator can click on the “Show enrollment in debug mode” button on the admin properties page of an eLearning course activity to run the course in debug mode:


However, after the course was launched and then exited by the administrator, the “View Logs” button didn’t appear on the activity page, which made debugging the course impossible. This bug has been debugged by our debuggers, who have reinstated the “View Logs” button.


“True/False” question options not being translated

In an assessment, for True/False questions, the “True” and “False” answer options were not being translated into the Student’s default language. We’ve addressed this issue and now Students will see the “True” and “False” answer options in their default language.


Cropped Login logos

If an administrator had uploaded a Login logo for an account’s branding organization, depending on the size and shape of the logo, it may have looked cropped within a circle shape on the Login screen. This problem has been resolved and cropping no longer occurs to the Login logo image.


Webinar URL link errors

Sometimes, when a URL was copied into a Session’s URL field (from the Date pop-up), a non-breaking space would be included at the end of the URL, which resulted in the link not working. We have put in place a mechanism to strip out spaces and non-breaking spaces at the end of these URLs, thus assuring the links will work as intended.


Scroll bar didn’t work in some Paths

Sometimes, when a Student was viewing a Path, the vertical scroll bar at the right side of the page wouldn’t work when physically grabbed by the mouse pointer (however using the scroll wheel would work). This bug has been fixed so that the scroll bar can be grabbed and used to scroll the Path view screen.


Retake button was showing on Assessments in Paths incorrectly

If an administrator had not set the “Allow retakes” option for an Assessment, and that Assessment resided in a Path, if the Student launched the Assessment they would see the “Retake” button upon completion or if leaving the assessment early (if the assessment was untimed). We have fixed this problem so that the Retake button will not display if the “Allow retakes” option is unchecked.



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