Release Notes - Week Ending November 17th, 2017



Default number of records returned for Enrollments ‘List’ endpoint in API v2 changed

For the API V2 Enrollments ‘List’ endpoint we have changed the default number of records returned. 1,000 records will now be returned instead of 50,000. This is consistent with our other APIs and will results in better performance. The number of records returned can always be changed using the "per" parameter.


UI translation files updated (Round 1)

We have made a large, “first pass” update to the translations for most of the supported languages in Exceed. New keys and updates to existing keys were made, which resulted in the filling in of many missing translations in the user interface. Additional updates will be done in the upcoming weeks, as well.



Retakes did not work with Paths requiring student confirmation

If the retake option was enabled on a Path (see last week’s Release Notes), and that Path required student confirmation, a Student was unable to actually retake the Path. We have fixed this bug so that the retake option will work and a Student can retake the Path in this scenario.


‘Hide Enrollments’ option did not hide the enrollment in Catalog or My Library views

If a value was placed in the “Hide enrollments” field for an activity (see below), the entered value was not being considered and the Student was able to see the activity outside that number of days in both the Catalog and My Library pages.


This issue has been fixed and the the “Hide enrollments” value will work as intended in all views.


Featured Images set to other locales were not displaying properly for branding organizations

If an administrator added a Featured Image in the properties for a Branding Organization and chose a language (locale) other than English for that image, then the image would not display on the Catalog Home page. Only images with a default language of English would appear.

This issue was fixed so that Featured Images defined for any locale will appear on the Catalog Home page.


Session cancellation letters were sent to Students who dropped the Session

If an administrator has defined a cancellation letter for a Session, the letters were being sent by mistake to Students who had dropped the Session prior to the administrator cancelling the Session.

This bug has been addressed so that no cancellation letters will be sent to Students who drop a Session prior to it being cancelled.


Login logo sometimes not displaying on Login screen

There were occasions where an uploaded Login logo (defined for a branding organization), did not appear on the Login screen for users, instead displaying the default image:


This has been corrected so that the Login logo will display if defined.


Relative date/times (yesterday/today/tomorrow) are sometimes incorrect

When the system displayed a relative date/time in the “yesterday/today/tomorrow” format (e.g., when showing the timestamp for a report export “Today - 5:00pm”), it was comparing a non-UTC time against a UTC time to adjust to the local timezone for display. So for example, after midnight UTC “today” in the US Eastern timezone gets displayed as “yesterday.”

We have fixed this problem so that the timestamp is now accurate based on the UTC time, and the “yesterday,” “today” or “tomorrow” displayed will be correct.




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