Release Notes - Week Ending November 10th, 2017

(Note: for a technical list of fixes/enhancements, click here.)

(New Learner Experience is live for all clients! Most of you have already made preparations for this rollout, based on the materials sent out in early October. Those of you who haven't can still refer to these materials and make configuration changes to alter the default setup.)




Activity Retakes & Retake Lockout Period

We have added a new ability to allow for activity “retakes.” Assessments, E-Learning (File) and Paths will all have this capability. By clicking the “Allow retakes” checkbox in Enrollment Properties, an admin can allow learners to re-enroll in an activity an infinite number of times. Activities within a path will not show the Retake action, but will still adhere to the max attempts set on the activity.


A learner clicking the “Retake” button on an activity will create a new, in-progress enrollment.


By filling in a value for the “Lock retake for X days after failure” setting, the admin can define a time limit (in days) in which a learner has to wait to retake an activity after a failed attempt.



Account Level Localization

On the Settings page for an account, we have added a new Locales section. Here, administrators can check a setting to show a language preference selector in the page footer (between the Privacy & Terms link and the “Powered by: Intellum” logo).

The Supported Locales options represent those languages Exceed has translated the student experience in. Administrators may choose to limit the translations available to users by checking the corresponding boxes.  They may also choose to do this if they create activities in specific languages and want to limit available translations only to those languages content is available for.


If no languages are selected, then locale options for all available user interface translation will be available in the Language Preference setting.


Note - the Catalog Home page and catalog search and filters will show only locale-specific content. The My Recommendations and My Requirements pages are exempt from the language preference (i.e., they are not filtered based upon language), but the language selector will still display on those pages.

Also, we have enhanced the Language Master functionality. Prior to this enhancement, Language Master would work via the enrollment link provided in the activity properties. Now, this functionality is also available via the path or activity link, meaning that a URL that points to an activity which is a “language master” will redirect to the appropriate activity for the current user’s locale preference. The “use_locale=true” parameter, when appended at the end of a URL (e.g., /student/activity/225918?use_locale=true), would cause the language check and redirection to be performed.


Microdegree expiration date sets Enrollment expiration date

When an enrollment is completed by a user, the enrollment’s expiration date will now be set by the expiration date of the awarded microdegree (if one exists for that activity). In essence, the expiration date of the microdegree expires the activity enrollment at the same time.


Additional Duration format changes for activities

Last week, we changed the activity duration to display time in minutes (if less than 59 minutes) or in hours (if 60 minutes or more). We have also made this change in the Path view, for prerequisites, and on the My Library page.


‘Launch Assessment’ button changed to ‘Launch’

When a user accesses and launches an assessment, the button text will now read “Launch” instead of “Launch Assessment.”



‘Print Achievement button changed to ‘Print’

Similar to the previous issue, when a user prints out a certificate from the awards screen, the button text will now read “Print” instead of “Print Achievement.”


Completed activity with microdegree displays Expiration date

When a user completes an activity that awarded a microdegree with an expiration date, that date will display on the activity card (similar to how the due or overdue date is overlaid at the bottom of the card) and on the activity page.






Favorite icon obscured in IE11

If a user views an activity using Internet Explorer 11, the Favorite icon is partially obscured at the right edge of the browser window:


We have fixed this issue so that the whole Favorite icon will display in IE11.


Exiting a timed assessment does not show Failed status until refresh occurs

If a user begins a timed assessment and subsequently exits before completing it, they will obtain a Failed status for the assessment. However, after exiting when the user is returned to the activity view, no Failed status is displayed until the user refreshes the page. This bug has been fixed so that a Failed status will immediately display in the activity view after the user prematurely exits the assessment.


IE11 gives error when enrolling users

When an admin is enrolling users in an activity using Internet Explorer 11, if the list of users that displays after the “Enroll users” button is clicked is long (uses the “infinite scroll”), then the resulting page would display an error. This problem has been corrected and an error no longer displays in this scenario in IE11.


History tab in My Library was not showing activity score

On the History tab page in My Library, if a completed activity had an associated score, it was not showing on the page. We have added the score (in parentheses) adjacent to the activity status.





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