Release Notes - Week Ending November 3rd, 2017

(Note: for a technical list of fixes/enhancements, click here.)

(Note: issues impacting the New Learner Experience have been tagged with '(NLE)' at the end of the title. Reminder - the Preview Window for New Learner Experience closes end-of-day on November 8th!)




Expiration Date added to Microdegrees in User Profile

When viewing a microdegree in the User Profile, a user will now see the Expiration date (if one exists) under the name of the microdegree. Also, to reduce the clutter, we have removed the Earned date from this view.



Image processing for square images to 16:9 format (NLE)

We have added the capability to process square images to fill the 16:9 image format required for Activity Cover Art and Category Art. The images can be converted to 16:9 format without distorting or cropping the image. In the following examples, you can see how the original image:


Has been processed to a 16:9 format image:


Note that this process will work for new images added moving forward. To process existing activity and category images in your account, please contact your Account Manager.


Duration format changed for activities (NLE)

The activity duration has been changed to display time in minutes (if less than 59 minutes) or in hours (if 60 minutes or more). For example:

Old format

New format

10 mins


1 hr


1 hr 10 mins


1 hr 30 mins


This new format allows saving screen real estate when displaying activity metadata on catalog cards, in the path card view, for related activities, and in the activity view. Note - the new duration format will be rounded to the nearest decimal point.



Users could see Catalog Hero images from another language (NLE)

If a user in a language other than English viewed their Catalog Home page and no Featured Images were defined for that language, then the user would see the Featured Images that were defined for English. This has been fixed so that if no Featured Images exist in the language of the user, they will see no hero images on the Catalog Home page instead of falling back to English images.


Inactive activities appearing in My Library (NLE)

If an activity was marked as inactive, in certain scenarios they would appear in My Library and display an unauthorized page when launched. We have fixed this problem so that inactive activities will not appear under any tab of My Library.


Disclaimer pop-up doesn’t render correctly in IE11 (NLE)

If an activity requires student confirmation, when the student accesses the activity a disclaimer will pop-up after the “Read disclaimer” button is clicked. In IE11, the pop-up does not display correctly:


This bug has been addressed so that the Disclaimer pop-up displays correctly.


History tab in My Library shows incorrect ‘Completed on’ date for imported enrollments (NLE)

On the History tab page in My Library, the date showing completion of an activity wasn’t showing the correct date (it was showing the ‘Created On’ date instead). This bug has been fixed and the correct Completed on date now appears on the History page for activities.


User Properties page showing User ID instead of User name

When an admin navigated to the Properties page for a particular user, the User ID was displaying at the top of the page. We have changed this back so that the User Name displays on this page.



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