Release Notes - Week Ending October 20th, 2017

(Note: for a technical list of fixes/enhancements, click here.)


(Note: Since there will be no release next week, there will be no Release Notes posted. In two weeks, moving forward, the Release Notes will include enhancements and fixes to the New Learner Experience. Reminder: the New Learner Experience preview window closes on November 8th!)




Timed Assessments

We have added the ability to create a timed assessment. When creating an assessment, on the Assessment Properties page, you will notice a new ‘Time Limit’ field where you can enter the number of minutes that users will have to take the assessment:


When a learner launches a timed assessment, they will see the time limit and a message stating they must answer all questions before the time limit is reached:


After launching the assessment, the learner will see a timer counting down on the right side of the header at the top of the page:


The timer will continue to count down and will turn red with 20 seconds remaining. If the learner fails to complete the assessment (including viewing the Answer Review page and editing answers) prior to the timer running out, they will receive an automatic failure. If the learner leaves the assessment prior to completion, a message will appear stating that abandoning the assessment results in automatic failure, and they will be unable to resume from where they left off. Note: at this time, this feature is not supported on the mobile app.


New Import fields

We’ve added the following fields to the related data imports:

Import Type


Assessment JSON

  • Language
  • Language Master
  • Certificate (ID)


  • Certificate (ID)

Here is an example of the Certificate (ID) field added to the Bulk Activity Import page:





Session Start Time dropdown sometimes doesn’t display

There are situations when an administrator has added a New Date to a Session and clicked on the ‘Start Time’ field, that the dropdown menu which displays times in 15 minute increments didn’t display, or was misaligned. We have fixed this bug so that the ‘Start Time’ dropdown will always display properly.


Evaluation Assessments shouldn’t allow self-evaluation

Currently, if an administrator is enrolled in an Evaluation Assessment, they are able to select their name from the user list and complete the evaluation on themselves. We have fixed this loophole so that if an administrator chooses their name from the user list, the Evaluate button is grayed out and cannot be selected.


Imported activity completions don’t create any associated achievements (microdegrees)

If an import was done where an enrollment completion was created for an activity in which an achievement (microdegree) was set up, the associated achievement was not created. We have fixed this problem so that in this scenario, an achievement is created immediately upon the import and the user can view it in their profile.


Survey Question answer options misaligned on mobile devices

If a user takes a survey on a mobile device, they may see the answer options for questions be misaligned:


This bug has been fixed so that the answer options are displayed one after another vertically on mobile devices.




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