Release Notes - Week Ending October 13th, 2017

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User Token Json Support added

We have added json support for user token generation (in addition to xml support) to align with all other API calls. /user_tokens/create.json will return the result in json.


Correct answers will not display when showing custom feedback

In an effort to enhance the remediation available for assessments, we have made a slight change to how student feedback will be displayed if custom feedback is chosen for any questions in an assessment. The table below explains the use cases involved:

Response Visibility When Student Reviews (Assessment Properties):

Show Only Incorrect Responses

Show All Responses

Custom Feedback (Question Properties):



Old Student Review:

Only incorrect answers are shown, but no custom feedback displays

All responses (correct and incorrect) and custom feedback are shown, along with the correct answer (displayed with a green checkmark and as an intro to the custom feedback)

New Student Review:

Only incorrect answers are shown, with their related custom feedback

All responses (correct and incorrect) and custom feedback are shown, however the correct answer is not displayed

To clarify this updated functionality, the label text for the Custom Feedback field has been changed to “Display custom feedback on incorrect answers for assessments that show
any responses or are set to force 100%.”


Letter triggers for Sessions enhanced

Previously, the system would only send out letter triggers immediately when a Student enrolled into an Event. Now, letter triggers will be sent out immediately when a Student enrolls into a Session or switches into another Session.


Letter triggers will not trigger retroactively

Moving forward, the LMS will not send letters if a triggering event occurs prior to the creation of the letter trigger for an activity. For example, if John Smith enrolled in an assessment activity, failed it, and subsequently a ‘Failed’ letter trigger for that activity was created, John will not receive the letter. However, if John then enrolls again into the assessment and fails again, he will receive the letter.

Note: remember that letters are processed in a background job overnight, so any letter triggers that triggered during the day will not send the letter until that evening.



Path Content Report issues

We have fixed the following two issues with the Path Content type report:

  1. If the Path name field is selected in the Report Query, typing characters into the empty field does not provide any matches to existing Paths in the system. A dropdown list of matching Path names should appear underneath the field.


  2. When clicking on the “Edit Columns” option from the dropdown attached to any output field, if all available fields are added via the “Add a column” button, when the Update button is clicked an error is encountered.


Both of these bugs have been fixed and now behave as normal.


Correct/Incorrect answer icons shouldn’t appear on Survey results

When a Student completed a Survey and reviewed their results, correct and incorrect answer icons were appearing next to their answer choices. We have fixed this problem so that correct and incorrect answer icons do not appear when a Student reviews their Survey results.


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