Release Notes - Week Ending September 29th, 2017

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Checkbox added to eLearning file upload to clear Student bookmarks

When an administrator uploads a new course file package to a pre-existing eLearning File activity, the new course package might contain significant structural changes to the course. In these cases, it makes sense to give the administrator the choice to clear the progress of all students enrolled in the course, thus removing the bookmarking and requiring students to start the course over. We have added a checkbox on the “Upload a New Package” pop-up screen to allow this:



Instructional text on Bulk Import pages has been improved

In an effort to reduce confusion and errors on imports, we have improved the instructional text on all Bulk Import pages in the system. Here is an example from the Bulk User Import screen:






Student view of “Published Date” for an activity showing one day earlier

If an administrator populated the “Published Date” field for an activity, when a Student viewed the activity they would see the date display as one day earlier. For example, if an activity had a Published Date set to 08/30/2017, the Student would see the text “Published Aug 29, 2017” when viewing the activity. We have fixed this issue so that the correct Published Date will be viewable by the Student.


Expired Microdegree date now calculated from completed date of enrollment

When calculating the expiration date for an earned Microdegree, the system would use the Created On date for the enrollment and add the expiry period. In order to take into account enrollment statuses that are changed retroactively (and because it is more logical), the expiration date is now calculated using the completed date of the enrollment plus the expiry period.


SCORM upload failed when zip filename contained accent characters

If an administrator tried to create a new File activity with a valid SCORM file containing accent characters in the filename (e.g., á, é, ó), the upload would fail. We have fixed this issue so that valid SCORM files containing accent characters upload successfully.


Microdegree Badge image not properly cropped on Profile page

When viewing Microdegree Badge images in the system, they were properly cropped to a circle when displayed on the Reward screen, but not on the Profile page. We are now “circle-cropping” the Badge image on the Profile page:



Event group permissions no longer copy to a Session

In preparation for new, upcoming functionality, we are no longer copying the group permissions from an Event when an administrator creates a new Session based off the Event. If you need group permissions copied to Session(s) from an Event, please contact your Account Manager.



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